"Put Down The Phone and Fight The Fire?" A Firefighter Responds
Posted: Dec 5, 2017 4:53 PM
By Timothy Parker
(SEAFORD, Del.) - A video of a raging fire in Bridgeville, posted by Seaford Assistant Fire Chief, Jack Wilson, has set off a firestorm.

He was hit with comments from people who thought he should put down the phone and help fight the flames.

" I can catch any video or pictures that are gonna assist the fire department in investigation mode for the fire marshall's office or just overall training for them in the future," said Wilson.

He says he had no role in stopping this fire but he wanted to assist the Bridgeville Fire Department.

"I heard it go over our 800 radio system and I was only a few miles and I responded to see what I could do to help," Wilson added

"We the fire service sends somebody out to the scene ahead of the apparatus. He doesn't come with water, doesn't come with hoses, doesn't come with equipment to deal with it," Ron Marvell, the Fire company spokesperson, said.

The Seaford fire volunteers say the video actually helps the full uniform firefighters know what they are walking into.

"He provides safety for them and he provides the size up as to where they can do the job more efficiently upon their arrival," Marvell said.

Wilson tells me filming firefighters on duty is becoming routine nationwide, even within their own equipment.

He believes video documentation of fires is needed and lets the world know the danger firefighters deal with every day.

"To make sure people are aware that Delaware fire services are 99 percent, maybe 95 percent volunteer. They're trying to save life and property," said Wilson.

The Delaware State Fire Association tells WRDE there are no rules for the first responders' recording and posting video.

It's up to individual fire companies.

By the way, Jack Wilson's video of the Bridgeville fire is no longer on Facebook.

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