Two Crashes Happen in One Day on Wescoats Road
Posted: Nov 12, 2017 12:45 PM
By Brianne Talocka/WRDE
(LEWES, Del.) - Two accidents occur on Wescoats road Thursday, November 9. Wescoats can be a frequent place for these. Gregg Breeding from Casa Di Amici, being renamed Full Belly Bistro, says he sees accidents here a lot. He also says that people speed through the restaurant parkinglot.

He suggests putting up speed limit signs might prevent them from happening.

Richard Crisci, from Harbeson, was nearby when both of the accidents occurred.

"Two accidents in one day, I've never seen that in my 75 years," he tells WRDE.

No one was severely injured in either of the accidents. Lewes Fire Department and State Police came to the scenes quickly.

"It seems to be a popular spot today," says Steve Evans, Deputy Chief of the Lewes Fire Department. "Hopefully there are no more."

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