Groundwater Contaminated in Unincorporated Part of Millsboro
Posted: Nov 12, 2017 12:09 PM
By Brianne Talocka/WRDE
(MILLSBORO, Del.) - Groundwater in the unincorporated area of Millsboro has been contaminated.

Mountaire Farms contacted DNREC to report contaminants found in their laboratory samples. The contaminants include high levels of fecal coliform, high levels of total nitrogen, total suspended solids, and biochemical oxygen demand.

We have not received word exactly where in the unincorporated area the contamination spans.

DNREC, the EPA, and Mountaire are working together to fix the problem by providing drinking water treatment and bottled water to nearby residents. Mountaire has also reduced spray irrigation to help solve the problem.

There is not yet word on whether or not private wells have been tested, but as far as people know no one has come in contact with the contaminants.

If you live in the unincorporated area of Millsboro and have concerns, be sure to contact DNREC.

DNREC = Department of Natural Resources
EPA = Environmental Protection Agency

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