Growing Older: Women train for Delaware Senior Olympics’ Weight Lifting Competition
Posted: Sep 21, 2017 3:26 PM
By Abbey Smith
(SEAFORD, Del.) - The countdown is on for the Delaware Senior Olympics' Weight Lifting competition in Dover. And even though she's not an Olympian yet, 57-year-old Carolyn Farley says that's not stopping her from training like one.

"We work a different body part each day like Monday chest and triceps, Tuesday shoulders, Wednesday back and biceps, and Friday we do legs and abs, and then I do cycling, as well," explained Farley.

Hitting the gym five days a week, Farley says staying active has always been a top priority.

"I did gymnastics in my 30's and figure skating in my 40's, and I thought the 50's would be fun to do weight lifting," said Farley.

Although Saturday will be her first time participating in the weight lifting competition, Farley says she's been lifting weights for five years.

"It's like just because you're over 50, it's just a number and you can do anything," said Farley.

It's something that her certified personal trainer, Charlene Brown, says inspires her.

"I find [Carolyn] sets herself apart by wanting to compete in events, not just exercising in the gym and keeping herself healthy and strong, but also wanting to compete and do more things than the average adult would want to do," said Brown.

And she's not alone; Carolyn's friends, Kathy and Donna, are also training to compete Saturday.

"I just did this to give myself a goal, and I thought if something happens and it doesn't pan out, at least I got healthy in the process because at my age you think more about health than anything else," said Kathy Tulley, 68, of Seaford.

"Everybody can do anything that they set their mind to," said Donna Liammayty, 55, of Bethel. "All they have to do is just start moving. So at my age, I can do anything I want to do as long as I set my mind to doing it."

The weight lifting competition will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 23 at CrossFit in Dover.

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