Fairway Village Residents in Ocean View Angry with Developer
Posted: Sep 12, 2017 11:38 PM
By Timothy Parker
(OCEAN VIEW, Del.) - The Ocean View Town Hall was jam packed tonight with members of the Fairway Village community and they had plenty of questions for the town council.

The home owners say Fairway Cap LLC, who developed the property, which will eventually complete 332 units on site, has now broken their word by renting new houses under construction, with no option to buy, something the town never gave them permission to do.

The homeowners had no idea this was happening until they saw an advertisement online.

"I don't understand how developers can advertise selling apartments for fairway village. There are no apartments at Fairway Village, " one resident said.

The town says they understand the pain of the home owners but says it's nothing they can do about it because of the contracts the residents agreed to.

The homeowners are afraid the developer will maintain complete control, and the town told residents, fairway cap pretty much made it their mission to maintain full control.

Now the frustrated homeowners may have to take legal action.

The town of ocean view has issued a temporary cease and desist order against Fairway Cap LLC preventing them from renting out properties.

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