Businesses Clean Up Mess After Tornado Roars Through Salisbury
Posted: Aug 8, 2017 5:03 PM
By Nicole Edenedo
(SALISBURY, Md.) - A hard-hitting storm with strong winds pounded much of the Eastern Shore Monday conjuring up a powerful tornado that left a trail of destruction in its wake.

The National Weather Service Wakefield confirmed Tuesday that an EF1 tornado with winds nearing 105 miles an hour touched down about a mile away from Salisbury University.

"There's always seemed like a potential for a tornado but we're on the Eastern Shore. We don't get tornadoes," said Blake Benn, the bar manager of Hopper's Tap House.

Security footage from Hopper's caught the terrifying moments when the tornado upended several cars on the roofs of other vehicles parked in a lot.

Large tree branches and chunks of roof from buildings in the area came crashing down.

Benn said only one person was inside one of the overturned cars when the tornado hit and several witness ran to assist the trapped driver.

"It's just amazing how you see all these people they came out," said Benn. "That's one reason why I love living in Salisbury. When something like this happens, people are going to help you."

But that was only half of the damage.

"The warehouse behind me obviously really is probably going to be torn down," said Jim Gray, who owns City Florist on Route 13 located right next to a vacant warehouse that was destroyed by the twister. "Thankfully it was empty so nothing really got hurt inside."

Locals say they've never seen anything like it here in Salisbury.

"We've seen some issues but nothing like that," said Gray. "We were so so close and we're obviously blessed, fortunate and lucky not to have been hurt."

No injuries were reported as a result of the tornado.

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