Celebrating Ice Cream Day At Vanderwende's
Posted: Jul 16, 2017 9:41 PM
By Anthony Joseph
(GREENWOOD,Del.)-For Ice Cream lovers a day happens just for you. It takes place every third Sunday in July of each year. Today at Vanderwende's Farm Creamery in Greenwood some are celebrating National Ice Cream Day.

Deborah Fisher-Joy loves ice cream. She has eaten at Vanderwende's three times in five days.

"This ice cream is amazing,and coconut is my favorite,"said Fisher-Joy.

Vanderwende's has a ice cream shop in Bridgeville,Dewey Beach,and Greenwood.On Ice Cream Day this year they gave away waffle cones.
They were expecting to use more than 500 of them just at the Greenwood creamery.General Manager Of Vanderwende's Taylor Vanderwende said they always take
care of the customer.

"On this day we always give away something or give a discount,"said

Vanderwende's is the hot spot to satisfy that ice cream craving as they will go through 200 tubs on ice cream day.

"We have seasonal flavors this time of year so are peach cobbler is very popular and the blueberry one is very popular,"said Vanderwende.

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