Learning The Importance Of Safety
Posted: Jul 15, 2017 8:27 PM
By Anthony Joseph
(LEWES, DE.)-On Saturday the 10th Annual Safe Kids event took place in the Lowes parking lot.

Sussex County Safe Kids Coordinator Cheryl Hopple said it is vital to teach the kids at a young age about safety. The kids got to learn how to perform CPR, how to prevent a fire, and the rules about being in the water.

The kids had many activities to do like getting educated about the pets, watching the K-9 Demonstration, and playing games.

"So are they learning and don't realize they are learning," said Hopple.

There were more than 30 exhibits. Hopple said Child Safety is something that everyone should take seriously.

"So leaving a child in a car this time of year especially is very dangerous," said Hopple."The car can heat up in few minutes and it can get above 120 degrees and it does not take long for a child to die."

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