Dealing With Economic Growth
Updated: Jul 15, 2017 8:26 PM
By Anthony Joseph
(SUSSEX COUNTY,Del)-Sussex County is in the process of preparing a new Comprehensive plan to deal with the economic boom in the area. On Friday the Sussex County Zoning and Commission met to go over the plan that will help deal with the issue.

The Owner Of the Horsey Companies Bobby Horsey attended the meeting.Horsey brought up the concern of the traffic near the beach.

"We have so many trucks on the road that time is money to us," said Horsey."So we know during the summer months that route one is a congested highway so we need to plan accordingly and we schedule around it."

Rehoboth Beach- Dewey Chamber Of Commerce Board Of Directors Chris Weeks said there is not any room to expand Route One anymore. Weeks did have another solution.

"We need to encourage vertical mixed use where you have commercial uses on the ground floor but you put apartments above it and then potentially you can put people above it and then they can go downstairs to work or go down stairs to shop," said Weeks."So it takes those just commuting shopping, or working off the road."

The Chairman Of The Sussex Country Planning and Zoning Commission Martin Ross also mentioned the highway congestion problem will not be a quick fix.

"One of the ideas is to include buses that connect with Dart as an amenity to residential projects so a developer instead of putting in a Gazebo might offer the HOA a bus to help hook into the DART system instead of putting all the responsibility on the State." said Ross.

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