Battle For Legal Marijuana Continues In Delaware. AAA Weighs In
Posted: Apr 20, 2017 5:44 PM
By Timothy Parker
(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.) - Delaware-based, AAA Mid-Atlantic, is rooting for the failure of House Bill 110.

If it passes, it would legalize marijuana for recreational use in Delaware.

AAA thinks if the drug is made legal, there would be a lot of people smoking and driving.

"We think there's a significant risk for people using marijuana, and getting behind the wheel and driving, which is going to create more difficulties on the road, including more crashes," said Jim Lardear of AAA.

Lardear says police are not properly equipped to check for substance usage on the road.

"So, on the roadside, the police officers do not have an accurate or simple way to test impairment for drivers under the influence of marijuana, " said Lardear.

But Zoe Patchell of the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network says there's no proof marijuana would add to problems on the road.

"The national highway and safety commission actually reported in 2015 that drivers testing positive for cannabis were no more likely to crash behind the wheel than sober drivers, and actually identified alcohol is the main reason behind d-u-i accidents," said Patchell.

Many residents in Sussex County join her in supporting the idea of legalized marijuana.

Debora Sartain of Rehoboth Beach said, "I condone it. I believe it's a good idea because it's a natural holistic approach to our health."

"Because there's way more deaths with people driving their cars getting drunk and stuff like that. I mean honestly if I were to smoke marijuana, I would just chill at my house. (laughs)," said Joseph Clendenin of Seaford.

Delaware cannabis activists believe legalized marijuana can help the state in many ways in tax revenue and even crime prevention.

"Ending unnecessary arrests, and create economic development, continued revenue source, and many small businesses, and employee opportunities for Delaware," said Patchell.

A house committee could hear the bill as early as next week.

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