The Parkside Rams Are Playing Good Baseball
Posted: Apr 19, 2017 7:39 PM
By Anthony Joseph
(SALISBURY, MD.)- The Parkside Rams baseball team is playing good baseball.The Rams have been patient at the plate and have earned more than 50 walks.Also, the Rams defense has been stellar with a fielding percentage of above .900.

Parkside Rams Manager Brian Hollamon is pleased with the how the season is going so far.

"Being able to know where the ball is supposed to go and when it is supposed to go there," said Hollamon. "Pitchers know they can rely on their defense to field the ball and throw guys out."

Hollamon said the team strength this year is pitching and defense.In practice, the Rams are working a lot on hitting.

Parkside Rams Player Sean Fisher said his Manager Hollamon is working on improving his swing.

"And look for a pitch that we can hit hard and not going up there too aggressive and everything but not going up there and be looking at everything also," said Hollamon. "You just want to look for the pitch that you can drive."

Manager Hollamon said he is having fun coaching this group.

"You know we not only have guys who are good players but they are great in the classroom so they are great student athletes so more importantly they are good guys," said Hollamon.

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