Governor Carney, Hall-Long React to Corrections Officers Lawsuit
Posted: Apr 19, 2017 6:37 PM
By Timothy Parker
(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) - Delaware Lieutenant Governor, Bethany Hall-Long spoke to the Rehoboth-Dewey Chamber of Commerce today but she had little to say about the lawsuit against two former Delaware governors over state prison safety and conditions.

"I wish I could say a lot more. I can't. I can share with you certainly I sympathize and certainly feel for the corrections officers families. We want to have anyone who goes to work in any state agency to feel safe," Hall-Long said.

She was a state representative, then senator during the terms of Ruth Ann Miner and Jack Markell.

The suit claims that both governors did not tell lawmakers about what was going on with staffing and overtime with correction officers.

Lawyers for four prison guards who were hostages during the February standoff and the family of slain officer Steven Floyd are suing Minner and Markell.

Governor John Carney is not being sued, but lawyers claim he overruled the warden who wanted to end it early on.
Last night, Governor Carney spoke to WRDE.

"The individual circumstances around the actual event is not something I can actually talk about because of the lawsuit. Those facts will come forward throughout the investigation and through the proceedings after that," said Carney.

Despite claims in the suit, the lieutenant governor says, the Carney administration is making state prison improvements a priority.

Hall-Long said, "Going back to public safety. Making sure our corrections officers are safe in their employment settings, and making sure the inmates have the justice system they deserve, while incarcerated."

The governor has set up a panel to review the state's prison system. That panel is expected to announce its findings in June.

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