Successful Professional Women Network At Expo in Lewes
Posted: Mar 18, 2017 6:53 PM
By Timothy Parker
(LEWES, Del.) - The 7th Annual Women's Expo sponsored by Delmarva Broadcasting was held in Lewes, at the Nassau Valley Vineyards today, where ladies shared information about financial, legal, home improvement businesses and more.

Plus, they had the chance for free health screenings. It was their day to learn from each other to improve their own lives.

Matt Monks of Delmarva Broadcasting says, "It's all about catering, if you will, to women. It's all about providing those interests for women and bringing everyone together."

Peggy Raley-Ward of Nassau Valley Vineyards said, "Basically letting women know there's a great resource of business and service in our community that they might not have been aware of before."

There were special panels where women shared their professional experiences.

"As a woman professional myself I think it's a unique opportunity to reach women, a group that I'm very interested in specifically target and reach out to," said one of the presenters.

It wasn't just for the ladies, as many fellas came out to show support.

Dick Phillips of Millsboro said, "I'm like any other guy, through the grace of my wife. She invited me to come over and go through the Beebe Healthcare screening."

It's a good thing they came because his wife is leaving a little richer.

"I won 100 bucks so we're both loving it," said Mrs. Phillips.

Those who came out know just how important an event like this is.

Sheryl Nierenberg of Ocean View said, "It's very important because women, especially young women, aren't inspired, motivated or mentored enough by other successful women. so when you come out and you see all of these successful businesses and women doing so many wonderful things. it's motivating."

Monks added, "Let's face it in our houses, I'm sure you'll agree as well, it's the women who make the decision. We guys we can try and pretend all we want, but you know it's the woman who makes the decisions."

This was a day of empowerment, learning, and an overall celebration of women.

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