Coach Wells Is Stressing The Importance Of A Good Defense
Posted: Mar 17, 2017 6:21 PM
By Anthony Joseph
(GEORGETOWN, Del.) Sussex Central Softball Coach John Wells has more than 300 softball wins in more than 20 seasons at the high school. Once again Coach Wells is teaching his players in his drills how to field and the importance of defense.He said a good defense will lead to wins.

"We fielded the ball at a high rate in the field, with the wind blowing the way it was, it was tough on everyone, but I like the chatter and they were communicating a lot, "said Coach Wells. "I particularly enjoyed the effort."

Catcher and First Baseman Mariah Rogers said these drills prepare them for the mental and physical part of the games.

"For the season I expect us to execute what we practice and I expect us to play the best to our ability and play as a team, "said Rogers.

Coach Wells said this year's squad has a lot of depth and has four quality pitchers.The ace of the staff is returning starter Haley McCabe.

"My favorite pitch is the curveball and that is where I have the most success using, "said McCabe.

The Golden Knights and McCabe will begin the season against the Sussex Tech Ravens on March 23rd.

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