Senator Carper in Sussex County To Talk GOP Healthcare Plan
Posted: Mar 17, 2017 5:53 PM
By Timothy Parker
(GEORGETOWN, Del.) - Delaware U.S. Senator Tom Carper was at the La Red Health Center in Georgetown today, talking to members of their board about how republican changes to America's healthcare would impact them.

He strongly believes the ACA should stay in place.

Carper said, "We have millions, tens of millions of people who have healthcare today because of the Affordable Care Act. Is it perfect? No. Can it be made better? Of course it can."

He believes the ACA follows biblical principles of helping others.

Carper said, "Matthew 25 says when I was hungry did you feed me, when I was naked did you clothe me, when I was thirsty did you give me to drink. It doesn't say when I didn't have health care, my only access to healthcare was an emergency room of a hospital."

The La Red board doesn't like the GOP proposed change which could be coming very soon, but they also know the Obamacare plan has plenty of issues.

One board member said, "I can't afford it on a fixed income. I have medicare. The numbers are way out... out of range out of budget."

The republicans say they want to provide economically responsible healthcare for everyone.

President Donald Trump said, "Plans that no one's even thought of now are gonna be devised by insurance companies to take care of people and we're going to take care of people at all levels."

Senator Carper knows there are millions of Americans who want to see the ACA repealed and replaced, but he says he's concerned about Americans who can lose their health coverage altogether.

"The idea that we are gonna take away coverage from tens of millions of people who have no idea how they are gonna get their health coverage in the future, I think that's morally wrong, said Carper.

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