Delaware State Money Building Affordable Housing
Updated: Mar 17, 2017 11:41 AM
By Timothy Parker
(LAUREL, Del)- Right now, on the corner of 2nd and Oak Street in Laurel, what you see is just a vacant lot. But in about a year from now, this space will be fully developed, with new homes and more.

This opportunity was provided by the Delaware State Housing Authority. Governor John Carney has announced that the state will give over $5 million towards different strong neighborhood projects, including a combined $2 million to Kent and Sussex counties.

The money will help build new houses and much more.

Dan Shortridge of the DSHA said, "At the state housing authority our interest is obviously in affordable housing. With community development, we want to make sure we aren't just providing housing, but that we are helping revitalize communities, turning vacant and abandoned homes into an asset, something that strengthens neighborhoods."

Laurel Redevelopment Corporation will work with Habitat for Humanity to help build houses and fix up current houses in a four-block radius in Laurel.

Brian Shannon from Laurel Redevelopment Corporation says, "The vacant lots are doing nothing for the community right now. But by building new homes on this lot, 4 new homes on these vacant lots, it will providing much needed and affordable housing to the people of Laurel."

"It's turning a negative into a positive.That helps strengthen the community and get people back in those areas," said Shortridge.

Developers say this project will not only help people get affordable housing, but it will also boost the local economy.

"It's all about stirring development - bringing Laurel up socially and economically to benefit the town," said Shannon.

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