Ocean City Dodges Blast of Nor'easter
Updated: Mar 16, 2017 4:20 PM
By Timothy Parker
(OCEAN CITY, Md.) Today, residents in Ocean City felt some strong winds and some rain drops but nothing like what was anticipated.

Charlie Barrett, an Ocean City resident said, "Being between two major places of water... the bay and the ocean, it seems to warm us up a lot more - the bad weather seems to be to the west of us and the north of us."

He's right. Sussex County was hit with powerful winds across the area, while things seemed normal in Ocean City.

This comes after Maryland governor, Larry Hogan, declared a state of emergency.

Ocean City police were ready to lend a hand if needed.

Lindsay Richard of the Ocean City Police department said, "We would be prepared to have extra officers come in to assist, to handle any extra calls for service that might come in. We always keep that in the back of their minds that weather could come up at any time."

Even though Ocean City didn't see any snow and no major wind damage has been reported, the police are still warning residents to be careful.

Richard said, "It is important to note, here in Ocean City, our low-lying areas are susceptible to coastal flooding even if it's a little bit higher than normal tides. Our residents and visitors in the low-lying areas, specifically the downtown areas may see some minor flooding."

The people here are glad the storm has passed with little or no damage, and they hope this is the last taste of winter.

Barrett said, "Oh yes! I'm ready for spring and summer."

Another resident from Berlin said, "March shows us all 4 seasons - winter, spring, summer and fall, and we are experiencing winter right now."

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