President Trump Supporters Rally in Ocean City
Updated: Mar 16, 2017 4:36 PM
By Timothy Parker
(OCEAN CITY, Md) - The love of country and the love of President Donald Trump was the driving force behind a rally organized by the Main Street Patriots at 8:45 this morning along Route 50 in Ocean City.

"I firmly support Trump and I want to show how we support him, especially the veterans, because I believe he will take care of the veterans," said one supporter from Ocean Pines.

A supporter from Parsonsburg said, "We came simply to show support for our president and the president's policies."

The group says they don't like how the President has been treated in the early days of his first term.

Pete Hassler said, "The problem, I think, is the fake media. They watch it too much, and it's very biased. It's a liberal media against Trump - mostly democrats who can not believe they lost the election."

One supporter from Berlin said, "I think they have to give him a chance. That's all we're asking. Give him a chance."

Group organizers picked this location because they knew they would get lots of traffic from people headed to today's parade.

Mike Goldberg said, "Clearly we've seen a great deal of support coming from motorists as they passed."

Pat Horseman said, "This is a busy place. People are stopping. It's a main intersection.... good place to have it... people headed to the parade come this way too."

The group says they know the country is divided right now but they believe in the man currently occupying the Oval Office.

Hassler said, "I think he's gonna pull the country together and make it great again - the way it should be."

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