'New Year', 'New Me' Resolutions and How to Properly Tackle Them
Posted: Dec 31, 2016 4:03 PM
By Grace Griffaton
(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.) - According to professionals, it is not your fault you're not quite hitting that 'new year', 'new me' goal. It's because you didn't make a proper resolution.

"You need to have a concrete goal in mind because if you're just like 'I am going to go to the gym this year.' Why? Why are you coming? What are you going to do? Are you going to run a 5k? Do you want to bench your body weight? Do you want to do a marathon or a triathlon or something like that? You need to have a goal established," says Ryan Peters, owner of Rise Fitness and Adventure in Rehoboth Beach.

WRDE spoke with a doctor who details the best ways to hit that 2017 goal. Step one: "Keep it simple," Dr. Uday Jani says. Then, create a detailed plan for how you plan to accomplish it. "Having a vague plan doesn't help," the internal doctor adds.

Make sure you're being true to yourself. "Sometimes, you're unrealistic with making your plans so if you're not an early riser, and you don't wake up at 6 o' clock, and you plan to go to the gym every day at 6, it doesn't work. So it has to be a very realistic plan that works for you," states Dr. Jani.

The same goes with the time you allot yourself - many times, people don't give themselves enough time to hit their goal - like losing weight or getting in shape.

"Have patience. It takes months. We usually say like give yourself 90 days, and the first thirty days are going to be terrible, especially if you're coming back at it. You're going to be like 'I'm sore. I'm sweaty. This is hard. This weight's too heavy,' but then it gets easier," says Peters.

Dr. Janu says support teams make it easier to hit a goal and going public with the goal creates accountability. This 12-year-old girl went very public with her fitness goal.

"Well, I want to be able to do a pull-up because I've never been able to do a pull-up, and it's always been a goal of mine, but in 2017, I'm really going to work at it," says Zoe Peters. She states her goal and then demonstrates how she works to pull herself to that first-ever pull-up.

Another woman trains for months to hit her desired physique. "I would love to compete. Right now, I'm three months in already so hopefully we're about halfway there. It's a lot of hard work, a lot of training, clean eating," says Amanda Brown of Ellendale.

Dr. Jani says to be prepared for setbacks and failures because they do happen. Have a plan if you feel yourself straying from your goal. It may not be easy, but achieving that desired lifestyle is possible. Have a goal, make a detailed plan, tell your friends and family about it and keep striving.

Dr. Jani's complete list of steps to accomplish that 'new year', 'new me' goals:

- Make a detailed plan.
- Set check points.
- Tackle one project at a time.
- Be ready for failures and setbacks.
- Go public with your plan.
- Have a support team.

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