Officials Talk Cyber Security at Lewes Public Library
Posted: Oct 13, 2016 5:13 PM
By Grace Griffaton
(LEWES, Del.) - Officials from Delaware State Department of Technology and Information presented cyber security tips at the Lewes Public Library in Sussex County.

About a dozen people attended the session aimed at informing people of the dangers lurking online. Attendees were asked to bring smart devices. Many brought along a smart phone or tablet to take part in the interactive presentation. The cyber security team discussed topics such as malware, phishing, the Cloud, password protection, Wifi, and more. The cyber security team showed people how to create strong passwords and the safest ways to use public Wifi in hotels, restaurants, and on vacation. The presenters told the attendees hackers like to target the elderly and children, but they presented ways to avoid the scams.

One Delaware Department of Technology and Information official gave attendees advice. "It's think before you click or stop before you connect.
If something seems too good to be true, it is," said Michelle Churchman.

October is National Cyber Security Month. There will be another cyber security session at the Dover Modern Maturity Center on October 27. For more information and tips on cyber security, visit or

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