Lawsuit Continues in Harbeson over a Auto-Repair Garage
Updated: Oct 19, 2016 5:28 PM
By A.J.Clemente
Harbeson, DE - Respect thy neighbor with the respect that you want. That is the furthest from what is going on Martin Farm Road.

"I thought I had good neighbors for 11 years" said Charles Williams, who is being sued by his neighbors.
Williams has a four- car garage on his property. His neighbors claim he is using the garage for business purposes.

Carol Kane, along with "Peggy" Foulke and Robert Walker have spent over 47-thousand dollars during this law-suit. Kane says "If he is allowed to run a business that means Joe down the road is allowed to run a business and bill down the road is allowed to run a business."

Planning and Zoning Sussex County code 115-185-F states that "Accessory buildings which are not a part of the main building may be constructed in a rear yard, provided that such accessory building does not contain more than 600 sq ft of area, and may be located five feet from a side lot line and five feet from a rear lot line."

A simple term is "Property Structure Setbacks." Williams' square footage is about 2,500, but the garage is within the allotted setback.

William's dream has been fulfilled, inspired by his father, who worked for Chrysler. During a hearing Williams told us that Sussex County said "The county said you are not doing anything wrong, you are allowed to work with your friends on cars in your garage."

The judge's ruling is pending but Kane says, "If he wants to keep it that size and use it for personal storage only, I don't care."

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