Beckman Is Mentally Ready For Seagull Century Ride
Updated: Oct 8, 2016 11:58 PM
By Anthony Joseph
(OCEAN CITY, Md.)-Robbie Beckman recently made history as one of the first paralyzed men in the world to sail from Key West to Cuba on an accessible catamaran.

On Friday he was in Ocean City and was gearing up for the annual Seagull Century Ride at Salisbury University.Beckman will be part of Team Kennedy Krieger.He is doing another extra ordinary thing with a group members of the hand cycle team. Beckman is hand cycling 65 Metric Miles and is participating in this event for the first time.

"We are doing a charity ride with one our therapist at Kennedy Krieger,"Beckman. "She is an amazing women,she ended up losing her husband to a rare form of cancer. It is kind of a memory ride."

Beckman lives with a spinal cord injury and is quadriplegic but it does not slow him down.

Tom Novotny who is the Director Of Operations at the Kennedy Krieger Center For Spinal Cord Injury said Beckman is up for the grueling challenge.

"Robbie has trained and ridden for a long time,"Novotny said."We are concerned about his shoulders because obvious he has to do this with his shoulders so if he is struggling we will make sure he stops."

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