Governor Markell Signs Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana Oils on School Premises
Posted: Sep 7, 2016 6:27 PM
By WRDE News
(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) - Today, history is made at Rehoboth Elementary School in Sussex County. Governor Markell signs Senate Bill 181 into effect, which legalizes medical marijuana oils on school premises in the state of Delaware.

The new law isn't ideal for Bill Schwanger, who says he's concerned about the oil being allowed in schools. "Bringing this to school, brings it around my kids that might be in the school. I don't know if that's gonna be a good thing. That has me a little concerned."

However, for the Maedler family, it's life changing. "This is the first day she's been able to participate in Field Day and not have a reaction, and not fall into having seizures, and, to me, that was just such a relief, to see her have such quality of life," says Jamie Maedler. Her 10 year-old daughter Rylie, suffered from seizures after having an aggressive tumor removed from her face. Wednesday, September 7th, marks the very first day she is the first day she doesn't have to leave school to take her medicine.

Uday Jani, who specializes in internal medicine, agrees that the oil has healing benefits. "People who take THC oil it helps them with pain, helps them sleep, if they are very anxious, it calms them down. It helps people with seizure disorders, and the CBD part is more working on the brain," says Jani.

Maedler tells WRDE that this is only one step for Rylie. The diligent 10 year-old has even bigger plans for the future. "Shes actually made some comments that she wants to work on, and one of them is having oils in hospitals," says Maedler.

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