Bed Bugs Infesting Homes and Hotels Across Delmarva
Posted: Nov 12, 2015 7:50 PM
By Jessi Starkey
Meet the unlikely exterminators tackling a pesky problem along the Eastern Shore.

(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.) - Sandy and Frank Honess own "Lady Bug Pest Management." Their most valuable employees may surprise you.
Daisy and Dolly are their Beagle hounds using their keen sense of smell to sniff out bed bugs on the Eastern Shore.

"They're a problem here on Delmarva," Sandy said. "They're here just like they are in New York City or Philadelphia."

Their pest management system has a leg up with their four-legged exterminators. Beagles have around 250 million scent receptors in their nose. This gives them the advantage of tracking down the scent.

"They know what we mean," Sandy said. "It's almost like riding a bike to them now. They know exactly what we're looking for. They know to find the bug."

A typical day for Dolly and Daisy means checking 50 to 100 rooms for bed bugs.

"We continue to be amazed by them," Sandy said. "We know they can do it. They still amaze us by where they find these bugs."

Sandy and Frank Honess provide treatment for all kinds of household bugs. However, they tell WRDE News bed bugs are becoming more of a problem locally.

"Some tips we give are, don't buy used furniture or a furnished place. It's just an extra step to prevent these bed bugs," Sandy Honess said.

Sandy and Frank Honess said having Daisy and Dolly find a bed bug is much better than a guest in a hotel finding a bug.

The animals give their business an extra step in tracking down these pests.

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