Laurel Man Seeks New Home for Needy Horses
Updated: Oct 15, 2015 6:08 AM
By Denise Sawyer
(LAUREL, Del.)- It's an emotional rally for support. A Laurel man, who is diagnosed with a painful inflammatory bowel disease, is searching for a new home for horses he can no longer care for. Running out of breath and out of time, Steven Dunn tells WRDE he can't stop worrying about his three horses: Ben, Mendy and Pepper.

"No, it's not about me," said Dunn. "It's about the horses." Crohn's disease makes it difficult for Dunn to get around the small pasture that is tucked away in Laurel. "Fifty pound feed, I can lift it. But I can't carry it and walk with it anymore. Used to carry two."

Now he carries the burden of finding the horses, which he says aren't "adoptable," a new home. "Emotionally it's not easy," said Dunn. He tells WRDE, he's reached out to area rescue organizations but to no avail. Dunn says it seems some organizations are rather selective with what they rescue.

"The problem is no one wants an 'un-rideable' horse," said Dunn. "Those very few that would take a pasture horse are full."

So with very little options, Dunn may have to put them down. "Who would want to in their right mind? And I wouldn't either. But when there's no choice what do you do."

Now he's hoping someone with a kind heart and open arms would take these Ben, Mindy and Pepper in so that they could live out their lives together.

"Chances are it's going to end up in an auction, then go to a slaughter house anyway. And I can't see their last days being like that."

Those interested are urged to email Steven at .


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