Three Sussex County Restaurants Get Cited During Health Inspections
Updated: Apr 26, 2015 9:49 AM
By Denise Sawyer
(LEWES, Del.)- It's a warning that may ruin your appetite. Delaware state code enforcers are dishing out details of what's happening behind restaurant doors, and what they find could put your family's health at risk.

WRDE hit three locations in Sussex County; one of which is a very popular restaurant, the others are small eateries in the coastal area.

According to recent inspection reports of local restaurants, a trail of rodent droppings was found at a fast food restaurant in Millsboro. Arby's along Route 113 was hit with a total of six violations, earlier this year.

The inspectors report stated the back door didn't have rodent proofing, a film was found in soda lines under the dispenser, eating utensils were improperly stored and food was left uncovered in the freezer. The restaurant had ten days to clean up, and according to health inspectors, it did.

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(( To see the list of some of the other health code offenders just go to

An inspectors found something pretty disgusting lurking in the ice machine at a Rehoboth Beach restaurant. The five-star restaurant A(Muse) received four code violations. The most severe: mold found on the shield in an ice machine. That problem was fixed before the inspector left, according to the report.

Our last stop, a Lewes pizzeria which was in hot water for food temperatures. The sandwich unit was set at 45 to 50 degree temperatures. That's a health hazard because bacteria can grow on meat in temperatures that are too warm. The inspector also found moldy cardboard on shelves in the walk-in freezer. Both could have been potential breeding grounds for food borne illnesses. Again those issues were immediately fixed.

These were the restaurants with the most severe violations in the Sussex County area and now they all have a clean bill of health.


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